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So much information in no time. MyServerLog will tell you what you want to know in seconds, without even connecting to the server

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MyServerLog is easy and straightforward!

No software to install

No clutter for your server. It takes 30 seconds to make it monitorable.


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Thanks to MyServerLog you can monitor all servers installed at your infrastructure or at your customers.

You can have a complete picture of the situation in a simple and intuitive interface

giving you the opportunity to intervene before even failures or anomalies occur.

With MyServerLog you will not even have to remember any configurations or anything else

It's all reported automatically in the panel, like public and private Ip, usb devices, operating system, hardware features and much more ...

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Monitor Resources

CPU and RAM usage, Space in Hard disk and USB devices etc etc.


Public IP, Ip assigned to network cards (Card template and info on any NICs), Server name, Operating system, Last boot time and date, Complete list of PCs connected to WSUS LAN and full pc details (SO, Model Etc. etc etc.


Offline, WSBackup Errors, Exhausted HDD Space, High CPU Load, Ram Saturation, Disallowed Raid, Replication Replication Error etc. etc

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